Working in South Tyrol: good to know

It‘s a good feeling when you get a job.
And, armed with the necessary information, moving to South Tyrol and starting the job here is simple – especially for citizens of the European Union. Signing an employment contract in the private sector usually requires only a single document: the tax card.

If talents from outside are willing to stay in South Tyrol for longer than three months, they have to apply for official registration at the residential municipality (information in this link available in German and Italian).

There are more hurdles to overcome when it comes to working in the public sector. These jobs are generally only open to Italian or EU citizens. In order to enter the running or to enrol in what are called Ranglisten for open positions, there are two specific requirements in South Tyrol: the Certification of Bilingualism (Attestato di bilinguismo or Zweisprachigkeitsnachweis) and the Declaration of Language-Group Affiliation (Certificato di appartenenza ad un gruppo linguistico or Erklärung der Sprachgruppenzugehörigkeit). If there are specific studies or professional titles required for a given position, then skills acquired abroad must be recognised in Italy for each specific case. The recognition of professional titles may also be necessary for a number of regulated professions outside of public administration. You can check and see whether your profession is categorised as such by looking in a specific directory in the Recognition of Professional Titles section.

The documents to be prepared by non-EU citizens can be found on the official public website “Südtiroler Bürgernetz” (information available in German and Italian).