Working in South Tyrol: hard facts

The Autonomous Province of Bolzano has the authority to enact its own laws in many spheres. For all topics relating to labour, however, including employment contracts, taxes, salary, pensions, and health insurance: it is mainly Rome that calls the shots.

This may make diving into a new world of employment a bit confusing for non-Italians. Even if the authorities in South Tyrol, most of which are extremely competent, inform you about the system, it is worth having some advance information about the main regulations in your new workplace.
How much do you need to pay in social insurance contributions? To which clauses should you pay close attention in your employment contract? How many days of holiday do you receive in this holiday paradise? How long can mothers and fathers devote to their newborn children? How many years of social security contributions must be made in order to receive a pension? We provide you with all the answers here, so that you can have a clear overview of what working in Italy is like from the outset.