Online Innovation: a system that helps ideas grow

Exchanging ideas contamination, making comparisons, engaging in an online network of different skills. Doing all of this in South Tyrol is easier thanks to a proven network of excellence created by both private and public institutions – Fraunhofer Italia, Eurac Research, Iit,Casa Clima/Klimahaus Agency, Laimburg, Bolzano Trade Fair, Eco Research and Unibz to name just a few: these are just some of the pieces which make up this unique mosaic of research and development within the region. The best research institutes of Italy and Europe are made available to potential users. The most skilled experts in all fields are always ready to answer your questions and monitor all the European trends they know so well. A hub where three different languages are spoken and where worldwide experience is constantly shared. This is how South Tyrol is constantly attracting new talents to join its ventures. It’s just like a virtuous circle: the ability of the region to constantly attract new talents is feeding the ability of all institutions to meet their needs. This represents the perfect platform for new ideas, especially when they are related to innovation.

It also becomes easier to step up the career ladder: there are many SMEs in South Tyrol but also some of the greatest leading international businesses. And this presents a further opportunity for you to make yourself known within highly recognised business environment.

And right now there are 13 more hectares to be added to the list of places: the ones welcoming NOI Techpark, the latest scientific and technological development structure located in South Bolzen-Bolzano where research meets global brands and start-ups. A human potential that once again puts Bozen-Bolzano at the very top of the list when it comes to start-ups or business spin-offs.