South Tyrol - the place to live and to innovate

It seems natural to do business in Sudtirol. It’s a place for innovation.

The inspiration comes from nature itself - with its mountains dominating the scenery - doing business is just like climbing to the top in a safe yet easy way.

This is what we call “Vertical Innovation” , innovations that put the person, nature and the country at its center. NOI Techpark is the new science and tecnology park which supports innovation and business in South Tyrol with an extensive network of researchers and services put in place to support these activities.

Bolzano district is in fact the perfect place to start a business or move an existing one to - it is also the ideal location where talented persons from other countries can come to develop their ideas with the support of their own families, while creating new valuable business relationships. Work and Family: two fundamental aspects that go together thanks to the great quality of life in South Tyrol and an excellent welfare system that focuses both on the individual and their family, putting those elements at the core of every project. There is an easily accessible, extensive network of partners that are fundamental to business development such as IDM South Tyrol - the business services provider and regional development agency of the Bozen-Bolzano Chamber of Commerce and the Autonomous Province - which regulates and monitors competitive yet sustainable business, with a focus on innovation and international development. IDM helps and guides all businesses within a lightweight tax regime, and resources are made available specifically to promote the international and innovative aspects of all businesses. Furthermore, South Tyrol can count on an extremely efficient and user friendly public administration.

But South Tyrol is much more than this. It is the meeting point between North and South Europe, a natural bridge that connects different cultures. It’s a place where multilingualism is considered as a strength and surely an advantage to all businesses looking at the international market.