In Italy, there are two different types of lease. A free-market contract (contratto a libero mercato or Mietvertrag mit freiem Mietzins) leaves it up to the tenant and landlord to agree upon the rental price. This type of agreement has a term of four years and is renewable for another four years. The other type is a convention contract (contratto convenzionato or begünstigter Mietvertrag), which has pre-determined conditions set down; minimum and maximum limits for rent in particular are specified for each municipality. In South Tyrol’s municipalities that have a housing shortage (Bolzano, Merano, Laives, Appiano, Lana and Algund), the landlord receives tax advantages in return. The convention contract has a minimum duration of three years, which is automatically renewed for two additional years if the landlord does not terminate the contract when it first expires. The notice period in a contract is typically 6 months.
In either case, a rental agreement must be in writing and be reported to the appropriate registry office within 30 days. There is a registration fee amounting to 2% of the annual rent.
Families or single persons in need of support can be granted various contributions (website available in German and Italian) towards rental costs and extra charges regarding the apartment they live in.