Just imagine pristine nature, the ability to move around by bike or on foot without any problems whatsoever. Imagine a rich and varied cultural scene with a great choice of museums, theatres and events. Think of a multicultural, multilingual environment with a rapidly growing University where Italian, German and English are spoken and go together hand in hand. Think about the best education and training possible for your children. Imagine being in a place which is located just between North and South Europe and which allows you to travel freely. Well, if you put all of these things together, what you get is South Tyrol!

A constantly evolving land, always looking for new talents. A place that is attracting highly qualified workers who are always happy to share their experience and their expertise. Businesses in South Tyrol are looking to the future, developing innovative products and strategies. There are some sectors, such as the food industry and Alpine Technology, that are in fact world leaders in their field. If you choose South Tyrol to put your experience into practice through business acivity you will also find an ideal place to live in, to move your family to, giving your children a better future as well. South Tyrol is in fact the ultimate green region, visited every year by millions of tourists. Those tourists often become residents, attracted by a constantly growing GDP, and an excellent welfare system.