South Tyrol boasts an amazing quality of life as recognised by many studies such as the recent research undertaken by the Italian business journal “Sole 24 Ore” that analyses all small Italian cities up to 50,000 inhabitants using 47 different indicators and actually shows three municipalities in South Tyrol coming out on top: Brunico, Vipiteno, Egna.
It’s the lifestyle in South Tyrol that guarantees such a high quality of life. For example, salaries are higher than the average for Italy, as certified by the National Work Consultancy Agency. Anyone who chooses to move to South Tyrol for work can be sure they will get a good salary.
The region is at the top of the list even with regards to the average income rate: all indicators show this is a constantly growing region. This is shown even when considering the so called “economic crisis” years (between 2007 and 2014), when South Tyrol showed a 0.7% growth rate, almost the same as Germany (0.8%) and Austria (0.7%) and much better than Italy as a whole (-1.3%).
The positive economic situation is just one of the reasons why South Tyrol is such a great environment; in fact, it’s a place where different cultures meet in harmony. A territory which is governed by an excellent public administration system just to give one example, an enquiry about the tax regime is usually met in 4 days against the average of 30 as allowed by the regulations. All necessary authorisations to start a business are given within 70 days elsewhere it can take up to 180 days as allowed by the regulations.
Working in South Tyrol is extremely rewarding businesses are constantly looking for new talents and offering work opportunities. There is a commonly shared objective: growing together and keeping a close eye on innovation. There are specific institutions such as Borsa Lavoro South Tyrol (available in Italian and German) that help in finding the perfect job and in matching opportunities.

Knowledge of both Italian and German can be a great advantage when seeking work here, and subsequently when developing the necessary linguistic skills to undertake the official exam that certifies bilingualism (website available in Italian and German). It is also worth nothing that the region essentially makes use of three-languages, since English is also taught together with Italian and German from the start in elementary schools.

It’s also the way you can spend your freetime that really enchants visitors. Not many people know that there are 120 different museums in South Tyrol, attracting 1.5 million visitors each year. The cultural experience on offer is tremendous and includes 60 theatres, 300 libraries with over 3 million books available.
Moving your family to South Tyrol is surely the right choice. Families are given economic support from the public authorities. The whole region of South Tyrol is indeed extremely family-friendly, with an established network of dedicated and supportive associations. All of these different initiatives can be found in the specific “family and society” section on the official website (available in Italian and German).
South Tyrol is attractive to young people as well. Parents can be sure their children will grow up within an excellent and rewarding educational system. The research undertaken by the PISA programme of the OECD puts South Tyrol at the top of the Italian chart in relation to school performances. In addition, it’s worth remembering that everything happens in a bilingual environment.