If you decide to start a new adventure and move here for work, doing this with your family is a very important matter which you should consider. A move necessarily means looking for a new house, a new school for the children, and so on.
Things like changing your residential status, opening a bank account, obtaining health care, bringing your own vehicle, renewing your driving licence, and if in Bolzano obtaining a voucher that allows free parking in your neighbourhood these are some of the things you need to do when moving to South Tyrol.
There’s a great deal on offer for people looking for a house in South Tyrol. The landscape is varied and gives you a wide range of choices such as living close to the mountains or in some characteristic neighbourhood. There are also some larger cities, but these are always people-oriented, such as Bolzano: perfect for city life lovers, with its historic centre and arcades. Here is all the information needed for anyone interested in looking for a perfect place to live in South Tyrol (renting, buying, costs and public incentives). There is only one thing to keep in mind: living in South Tyrol means entering a competitive and dynamic market so it is vital to take time in advance in order to start looking. The perfect house does exist, it just takes some time to find it.
And what about the youngsters? South Tyrol is the perfect place to teach children how to truly love and appreciate the wonders of nature. There’s a dedicated section “What to do in South Tyrol” that gives plenty of useful advice the region is a paradise for kids throughout the year, from the snow in winter to the magnificent views of the summer landscape.
The area boasts a wide range of activities such as playgrounds, gyms, swimming pools and much more. And let’s not forget the fantastic opportunities there are of seeing animals in their natural habitat while talking a walk amidst wonderful surroundings, rather than in a zoo. All of this comes together with something which is always so important for parents an excellent education system that prepares children in the best way possible for their future. There are several schools experimenting with the full use of three languages (Italian, German and English), creating the perfect basis for future competitiveness. Bilingualism lies at the core of the educational system and is recognised nationwide as exemplary when it comes to occupational rates for future work.
Furthermore, a period of work experience is guaranteed alongside theoretical studies, to improve the chances of getting a better job from the outset. The best and most highly qualified childminders (Tagesmütter) are also available in South Tyrol to help parents.