Research labs that are amongst the best in Europe, a University unique in Italy where three languages are spoken, an exhibition centre attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. There is a highly qualified and proven network of partners for anyone wishing to do business in South Tyrol. A unique opportunity to liaise with the most qualified experts in many different sectors, all coming together with a pragmatic approach which is so typical of the region and its people. An open network, constantly expanding, always looking for new talents to join in and increase its potential. Here are the main public and private partners:

  • Agenzia CasaClima
    A reference point to the energetic restoration of buildings. It has certified more than 13000 “green” buildings over the years.

  • Agricultural and Forest experimental research center Laimburg
    Operating since 1975 within the agricultural, food, farm and forest sectors.

  • Eco Research
    An analysis laboratory that specializes in environmental research, studying all organic and non-organic micro-pollutants.

  • Eurac Research
    European Academy of Bolzano, specializing in sustainability, especially within the alpine environment.

  • Fiera di Bolzano
    The exhibition center of Bolzano that hosts exhibitions dedicated to tourism and hospitality, winter sports and sustainable construction.

  • Fraunhofer Italia
    A local branch of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the biggest european association dedicated to research for business.

  • Iit
    Institute for technological innovation, specialized in using hydrogen within the Brennero area.

  • Libera Università di Bolzano
    University where three languages are spoken ( Italian, German and English) classified as the 4th best private University in Italy.