In the trilingual province of South Tyrol, knowledge of the region’s two main languages, German and Italian, is naturally an advantage. In the private sector, knowledge of both languages is not a must and can be acquired in stages.
This is not the case in the public sector: with the exception of teaching staff, public employees must prove their bilingualism in an examination administered by the province. Bilingualism is tested at four different levels of proficiency: A, B, C and D. The level required depends on the job profile. Positions that require a college degree generally require Level A proficiency.
The Agency for Bi- and Trilingualism Exams (Servizio esami di bi- e trilinguismo or Dienststelle für die Zwei- und Dreisprachigkeitsprüfung), a department of the South Tyrol Provinciale Government, is responsible for certification of language proficiency. There is information about specific requirements and registration procedures on the agency’s site (information available in German and Italian).

If you want to know more about the trilingualism in South Tyrol or to learn German or Italian, you can contact the Multilingual Centre or the Department for German Culture (information in germanGerman and Italian).